Spring is here and many people are cleaning out homes, garages, or even apartments.  Is that you? Are you downsizing or moving to a new place?  Why move items you do not need or use?  And it does not make sense to pay movers to pack or move items you no longer need.  Why not make some money with those items?  After all, your junk may very well be another person's treasure.

You can post your items on many sites and pay a fee for listing them.  For example, ebay will charge you a fee to sell.  But why not list them on auctionusa.com for free.  You can add a few pictures of your items as well.  Don't forget to advertise your items on auctionusa.com on social media and also tell you friends about this free website. 

As always, please do not use ad blockers and the ads help the site to remain free.

Happy cleaning!

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